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Equality, Culture and Representation: Considerations on the Film Industry


Hollywood film reflects an ableist social structure. Featured in the special issue Disability and the Problems of Representation, Susan Flynn assesses the complicit film industry and the critical relationship between disabling stereotypes and Hollywood practice as she breaks down film to a cultural construct.

Keywords: Disability, Hollywood Film, Culture, Equality, Representation, Social Systems

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DOI: 10.17774/CDJ12014.14.20575874

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about the author


Susan Flynn lectures in Media and Cultural Studies at University of the Arts London. Interested in theorising and challenging representations of marginalised identities in popular media, she specialises in representations of disability and is published in several contemporary academic journals including the American British Canadian studies journal, the International Scientific journal and has a chapter in press in the upcoming Disability in World Film Contexts (ed. Fraser, B. Wallflower Press: 2016). She is currently co-editing a collection focussing on surveillance in popular culture 'Spaces and Surveillance: States and Selves'.

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