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About Us & What We Do

Considering Disability CIC is an organisation that tackles disability discrimination. We do this through running an academic journal, supporting volunteers, promoting disability studies and carrying out awareness raising activities to spread knowledge about disability.
Through the journal we support students and graduates to produce entry-level peer-reviewed academic research that we publish and promote.

We provide our volunteers with key skills essential to the operation of the journal and provide them with employability skills. We encourage decision making and communication on levels most young people do not access until they reach management.

Mission Statement

Considering Disability exists to address disability discrimination. We believe that a key cause of discrimination is a lack of knowledge and understanding. We seek to foster an understanding between the academic disability studies world and public at large.
We will educate until the concept of normalcy is eradicated. We will work collaboratively with other organisation to build disability research and work to spread the knowledge.


About the Journal

The Considering Disability Journal is a professional publication producing quality output on par with other similar journals.

ISSN: 2057-5874 (Print)
Publication Frequency: Annual
Subjects Covered:

  • Disability
  • Disability Studies
  • Education
  • Disability and the Arts
  • Inclusion and Special Educational Needs
  • Sociology
  • Social Sciences
  • Sociology and Social Policy

Aims and Scope 

We accept submissions on contemporary disability topics. We welcome anything that offers insight into disability thinking in a particular country. CDJ is interested in creating a dialogue between local and global disability narratives, conceptions and ideologies of ‘disability’ and ‘normalcy’. We aim to include voices that are marginalised and different. The journal provides opportunities for critical investigation as well as personal agency through “considering” what disability means both academically and personally.

Chief Editorial Adviser: Hannah-Rebecca Joy Guscoth
Executive Editors: Dr Shahd Alshammari (Gulf University for Science and Technology), Dr Kamlesh Kumar Sahu (Institute of Psychiatry, Kolkata)
Assistant Editors: We offer annual assistant editor positions for current students

Editorial Board

Nite Fuamatu (Monash University)
Marion Andrea Schmidt (John Hopkins University)
Ashley Szanter (Weber State University)
Patricia Mary McCarthy (Trinity College Dublin)
Kathleen Burt (University of St Andrews)
Débora Antunes (University of Antwerp)

We regularly invite outstanding members of our peer review team to join the editorial board.

Executive Advisory Board

Dr. Tom Shakespeare (University of East Anglia)
Dr. David Bolt (Liverpool Hope University)
Dr. Alison Sheldon (University of Leeds)


International Advisory Board

We annually invite respected academics to join our international advisory board


(C) Considering Disability 2016 | Considering Disability CIC is a private company limited by guarantee with no share capital registered in England. Company no. 09489116.

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